Review: Accidental Muslims

Accidental Muslims started out as a podcast originally but it has since evolved into something much bigger (while keeping the podcast). I first encountered Accidental Muslims in September – my mother mentioned the event that was being held at Al Fresco Cafe here in Durban and we decided to attend.

I had no idea that this event was only the second ever to be held in Durban. I had an absolute blast and found myself immediately looking forward to the next one. Side note – I met a friend at the last event and had oodles of fun.

I just attended the third Accidental Muslims event in Durban last night and it was amazing. There was a much bigger turnout, for one and there was a longer program which was nice. Best of all, there was a sound system so I could hear everything!

Meeting Umm Zakiyyah and Naadira Chhipa both was absolutely fantastic and I also met some other lovely souls. I think that last night really was an amazing success (for me, at least) because I achieved the objective – to have a wonderful evening, mingle and learn about what’s going on in the lives of some other people and, perhaps, make some meaningful connections.

The point of these Accidental Muslims meetups is to unite people and the mission of Accidental Muslims itself is to showcase leaders who can inspire people and motivate them go out and do amazing things for themselves which, I think is incredibly admirable and necessary.

I really love ‘Live With Purpose’. I think it’s an amazing way to sum up a very important idea – that we need to be conscious and attentive and not just drift through life without meaning behind our actions – especially when it comes to religion, but really with everything in life.

In short, Accidental Muslims is awesome and you should go check them out! And, if you’re in SA, particularly Durban, come say hi to me at the next meet up!

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