Review: Kindness is a Waiting Place

Kindness is a Waiting Place is gorgeous. It’s one of the books that I refused to put down until I was good and done. I’m writing this review right after I finished the last page because I have a lot of feelings and I want them to be fresh when I share them.

Kindness is a Waiting Place is by Minnah Arshad, a wonderfully talented your woman. It’s her second book and it’s being published by Prolance. It’s about a woman named Penelope who volunteers as an aid worker in Syria and loses a piece of her heart in Istanbul along the way.

I love this book. I love Mr. Ghanzali, I love the man who sells Penelope fruit and banana bread. I love Ameer most of all though. I fell in love with him right alongside Penelope. And I really did feel a loss when she left Istanbul for Syria.

I love the flaws in these characters. None of them are perfect and none of them pretend to be. They’re flawed and broken and very human and it makes them all the more precious. Penelope’s struggle to try and find a way to help, to try and make a difference that somehow matters is very genuine and it hits home.

All in all, this is a great read and I definitely recommend going and picking it up whenever you can.

Final rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

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