My Favourite Day of the Week

My favourite day of the week is Saturday right now – for the mere fact that it means I don’t have to work.

My favourite day of the week when I was a child used to be Sunday – it was the only day that I ever had the house to myself and I adored the solitude.

There was a time when I lived by myself that my favourite day was every day. The freedom was almost intoxicating. I could do things on my own schedule. I could – and did – keep strange hours without the worry that I’d be disturbing anyone (my poor neighbours).

When I was in school, there was a period of time when I’d come home from school and fall asleep almost immediately. I’d wake after dark and take cat-naps throughout the night when I felt a little tired.

I adored the solitude. It was amazing to be able to just sit and study or read or make myself a snack without interacting with anyone else. That sounds cold, doesn’t it? I suppose I was fairly cold at the time. A few hours of interaction with my family was about all I could handle before becoming irritable – I was a cranky teenager.

I’m better now. But I will always love solitude. I rarely crave company unless I’ve been alone for an extended amount of time. But I often do wish I had a little place all to myself to sit and just be.

8 thoughts on “My Favourite Day of the Week

  1. Okay so firstly, sorry for bombarding you with all the likes on your posts. . I have read all your posts from start to finish. . Love your writing skills. . Even more so, i absolutely loved the stories Hidden Blessings & Ammarah’s Fear. . Both had me gripped & needed to know more. . At least it was a full story so didn’t have to wait so long for the next chapters . . Keep up the good work. . Hoping for another story soon insha Allah.

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    1. Oh please keep liking and sharing and all the rest – it’s so fun to see my phone buzz 😄 Jazakallah khair 💗💗💗 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading! I’ll tell you a secret – Hidden Blessings is getting a Part 2 In Shaa Allah 😀


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