Review: A is for Ankle

A is for Ankle was written by Dr. Erum Sethi. It was illustrated by Robin Boyer and has been published by Prolance. It can be purchased here.

The point of A is for Ankle is to teach children about their anatomy in a fun and easy to understand way. A is for Ankle is intended as a teaching tool to aid parents when educating their children about their bodies.

The illustrations are eye-catching and interesting enough to keep the attention of little ones and they aid beautifully for those words which might be a bit tough for little kids to understand at first.

I would recommend using this book as a teaching tool for younger children as it will most likely not be advanced enough for older ones. It’s perfect for children up to first grade, I would say – it can be used as a learning to read tool as well once they get to that stage.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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