Quirky Habits

I have many quirky habits. For one, I make up stories in my head to put myself to sleep – as though I’m reading myself bedtime stories.

I also love to draw on myself – though I use henna these days instead of pens.

I used to read the dictionary – and I still like finding the meanings of strange new words in my free time.

I love every baby animal and human I see – and they’re all the cutest thing ever in my head (every single one).

My quirkiest habit though – I love to spin around and pretend I’m a graceful woman (I am nowhere near to being anything other than a truly clumsy woman).

I used to be embarrassed by my quirkiness – now I embrace it. It’s part of what makes me, me.

theimperfectmuslimah Quirky Habits

4 thoughts on “Quirky Habits

    1. Jazakallah khair, you’re so sweet! I love interrobangs – when I’m confused or appalled they’re so much better than just question marks. And they’re fabulous for when you’re trying to get a character’s emotions across.


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