Review: Frosted Amor

Frosted Amor is a home-industry business run by Pastry Chef Naeelah Vally. I’ve known about Frosted Amor for quite some time now since I’ve known Naeelah since primary school. (Side note: we lost touch for about 8 years in a long story that is not for this blog). So, I’ve wanted to try these cheesecakes out for a long time. It was impossible before because I was first on the other side of the country and then dieting and, and, and…

I finally purchased an assorted dozen yesterday afternoon, on the spur of the moment. The flavours I chose, for the interested parties, were Nutella, Salted Caramel, Aero Mint and Pecan Cote D’or. Now, I generally don’t like cheesecake very much. The main reason I wanted to try these was because they looked adorable and also, yes, a little bit because FOMO. I’ve been reading rave reviews of these things for the past two years and I’ve been feeling just slightly left out.

As I write this review, there is one lonely mini cheesecake left in my fridge. We (my mother and me) cleaned out the lot! They’re so rich that I don’t know how I managed to eat so many so quickly but they’re so good that I don’t know how I managed to even wait as long as I did between them!

Final rating: 5 food comas out of 5.

Go buy these! (And share with me)

You can get these once a week and she’s contactable via Facebook or Instagram.

Frosted Amor

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