Be Kind

Why is kindness hard?

Kindness is something that we don’t see much of any more. And that’s a crying shame. It costs nothing to be kind, to pay that compliment or smile that smile.

And yet, there’s a shortage of kindness in this world. Why is that? Are we afraid to be different from the rest? Are we just unaware?

theimperfectmuslimah Be Kind

I don’t know why kindness isn’t our first instinct – children are certainly kind. Does that mean that we’re taught different by society?

Whatever the reasoning behind it, I find myself having to consciously remember to be kind at times, to remember that selfishness has no benefit.

It makes me sad.

The most tragic thing of all, I think, is that it’s easier to be kind to strangers sometimes, easier because it’s often just one throwaway action rather than consciously making a continued effort.

It makes me very sad.

It also makes me that much more determined.

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