Friendship (Part Two)

Friendships are interesting. I know people who I consider my friends despite us not having spoken in months. Our relationship endures nonetheless.

And then there are people who’ve simply drifted out of my life, people who I don’t even remember very well.

What makes some friendships endure and others not? Effort. Without the same level of  effort from both parties, a friendship cannot endure. One person will be putting in more than they receive which will inevitably result in frustration or even resentment in the worse cases.

It’s important to nurture your friendships, to make sure that you touch base with one another once in a while even if life is so busy you’re running around like a headless chicken.

theimperfectmuslimah Friendship Part 2

I never have spare time anymore so my interactions with my friends these days is limited to cyberspace unless I’m very lucky. Even so, I try to make sure I’m touching base with them.

Another thing I’ve realized is that quantity is not better than quality. I used to have a great number of ‘friends’ but felt lonelier than ever. I felt like none of them were real. Now, I have a few friends but I adore them. And believe me, I’m far happier than I used to be. (And no, I’m not just saying that because my lovely friends read my posts!)

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