Love is a topic that has been written about for centuries. It is difficult to quantify love, to explain what it means and what it feels like. I think just about the only thing people can agree on is that we all need love – to the extent that babies can die from a lack of it.

There are so many different types of love – platonic, romantic…

The first kind of love we experience is unconditional. It comes from our parents who love us despite our flaws and shortcomings, simply because we are theirs.

As time goes by and we grow, we begin to experience other kinds of love… One of the dangerous ones happens then – a love of objects.

As we keep growing, we experience romantic love – we find spouses, marry and make homes with one another.

And then, we reach the other end of the circle. We have our own children and experience that unconditional life from the other side.

theimperfectmuslimah Love

Throughout experiencing all the different kinds of love, there is one which is the most important – a love of Allah (SWT). No matter what, nothing should ever surpass this love.

Love is a beautiful thing and it should always be treated gently. I’m going to leave this with one final thought – if it hurts, there’s something wrong. Loving someone should never be something that causes harm. And if we love one another for the sake of Allah? That’s the best kind we can share with one another.

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