The Impression We Leave on Others

We meet so many people every day. People from work, people from our social circles, even people who we only interact with via the Internet.

Some of those people leave a more lasting impression than others despite perhaps not interacting with us for a very long time at all.

I’ve always wondered about what kind of impression I make on people – whether there are interactions which I’ve dismissed as inconsequential but which have had an effect on other people.

It’s faintly nerve-wracking but also strangely exciting at the same time to think of it.

theimperfectmuslimah The Impression We Leave on Others

Some people who’ve made an impact on my own life are people who I most likely will never meet again – the teacher I had in Grades 1 & 2, women I’ve never met in person but have corresponded with online and like immensely, girls who I met in school and simply found had beautiful personalities.

Who’s left you with a beautiful impression of themselves?



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