Review: Fofkys Online Bookstore & Coffee Shop

I received a beautiful box a few days ago from Fofkys after reviewing Sahar Abdulaziz’s Tight Rope (which was fantastic, by the way, go read it!). I love the idea of an online book and coffee shop. It appeals to the lazy woman in me who doesn’t want to deal with trekking out to get some snacks and a new book. The best thing is the international snacks though. Nothing can beat them. Yum!

The box contained a copy of Tight Rope nicely packaged in tissue to protect it and some other goodies. I got a green tea (which went to my fanatic of a Mom), a medium-roast sachet from Starbucks which will be kept for a pick-me-up on a bad day, some organic popcorn which was yummy and peanut butter cookies which were amazing. It was my first time trying them and I already want more. The box also included a bag of pretzels which sadly burst open in transit (they were still yummy though).

The box includes a disposable coffee cup and a disposable tea cup which was really cute.

All in all, I thought the Fofky’ s box was adorable. It did take a while to get here because the S.A. post office is just slightly sad and slow. But everything arrived well and I gobbled most of it up nice and fast.

Here’s a photo of the pretty, pretty box.

Final rating: 5 out of 5 postage stamps.

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