I haven’t traveled much that I can remember. I travelled quite a bit when I was younger – both within the country and to others. But I lost those memories. What I do remember, what I have been able to keep, is a love of traveling.

Even traveling by bus – which on the routes that I’ve taken takes around 12 hours – is a kind of traveling and so, a part of me gets excited to do it.

I love the possibility. Of course, traveling to a new place is the best kind of traveling. The discovery of a new place is exciting and strange and sometimes, just a little bit scary.

theimperfectmuslimah Traveling

University allowed me to learn how to travel well. Each time, I went between two parts of the country, and I learned better how to travel to different places without making silly mistakes like over-packing or dressing in the wrong clothing or neglecting to keep something in my hand luggage  to amuse myself with.

The most important thing that I’ve learned about travelling is to get used to things going wrong. Weather, machines, people… There are so many reasons for travel plans to get derailed, for delays to happen or problems to occur, that you need to learn a little bit of flexibility or you’ll go insane.

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