A Love of Reading

I’ve been reading since I was tiny. I used to have a huge book collection when I was younger. (Now, I have a huge e-book collection).

I love reading. I love being able to jump into someone else’s imagination and experience the world they’ve created for themselves in there. I love being able to learn vicariously through characters and being able to laugh, cry and love with them as their story wears on. Most of all, I love the specific mood a good book puts me in. It makes me feel like there’s possibility in the air, like adventure’s waiting in the wings.theimperfectmuslimah A Love of Reading

I have always said that anyone who hates reading simply hasn’t found the right book yet. I think that being able to enjoy a good book is something every child should be taught to do. I know that my love of reading has shaped me as a person.

The books that I have read have developed my imagination, my vocabulary, my sense of right and wrong. They’ve taught me to empathize, to look beyond the surface of a person’s behaviour to try and understand the motivations behind their actions. Reading is the greatest tool I have at my disposal to clear away uncertainty and to help me learn.

How do you feel about reading?

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