Review: Yumibowl Rolled Ice Cream

Look! It’s my second non-book review 🙂 I’ve been sitting on this review for a while (mostly because I forgot to write it). Oops. I got to try this out almost half a year ago, in January (thanks Auntie Yasmin!)

Rolled Ice Cream is just what the name says. At Yumibowl, which is this little restaurant in Umhlanga, they make your ice cream while you watch, in little rolls like Swiss rolls. The ice cream ice starts out as a liquid, poured onto a freezing surface and then scraped up into a roll. You get around 6 rolls in a bowl and there’s some kind of flavoring added. I picked some kind of brownie thing – it’s been so long that I can’t remember the exact name – so mine came with a piece of brownie on top and a second piece of brownie was ground up into the ice cream itself.
The experience gets an A-Plus. It’s fun to watch the ice cream being made and it’s definitely worth the R60.00

The taste isn’t that fantastic. It’s more frozen flavoured milk than it is creamy ice cream which is disappointing. The portions are huge which is a plus – it took me 3 days to finish mine.

I would gladly go once for the experience and I recommend others do too but you won’t find me returning now that I’ve had it once.

Final rating: 4 stars out of 5.

If anyone is interested, I’ll post the video of how it’s made because I definitely didn’t explain it well enough.


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