Review: Jasmine in the Wind

Jasmine in the Wind was written by Ayesha Desai and published by Prolance. It’s a hard read. It’s a necessary read. While Afraa’s story is fictional, the hardships she suffers are truth for countless little ones in this world.

I cried while reading it.

Ayesha Desai has done wonderfully with this debut. She captures the feelings of a young, lost girl so well that the reader has hardly to try to feel empathy for the young Afraa, to cry for her hardships and smile when those hardships begin to ease.

Desai points out something in this book that we seem to forget all too easily. Everyone is familiar with the atrocities committed against the Syrian people by now but we forget that being refugees is not a happy ending. We forget that these people are in mourning for their homes, their loved ones, their entire worlds.

Brilliantly done and definitely a book that you, I and everyone else should be sharing.

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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