Review: Ramadan Reflections – The 10 Minute Journal

Today’s review is on Ramadan Reflections – 10 Minute Ramadan Journal by Samira Abdi. As it is not yet Ramadan, I will be updating this review after attempting to actually use the journal once we reach the month of Ramadan (only three weeks to go!)

I have attempted to try it out for the past three days, setting a small goal for myself. With regards to convenience, this book is great. The layout has been planned with an eye to how little time we wish to waste completing tasks other than prayer in Ramadan and it did only take me a few short minutes to fill out.

I love the sub-headings for each day. My favourite is definitely If today was my last day I would…

It is always thought-provoking and allows one to evaluate their actions for the day.

The best part about this journal, in my opinion, is that after each day’s notes, there is a bit of wisdom or advice to follow. Each of these bits of wisdom has been cleverly chosen and every single one resonated with me just a bit.

All in all, this journal hits it out of the park. It’s also had the side-effect of making me incredibly impatient for Ramadan to get here! I think it’s a valuable resource and I would definitely recommend purchasing it for those who don’t generally have much time to sit and reflect during Ramadan due to other duties.

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