Today’s post is in honor of one of my best friends who’s been hinting at wanting a shout-out for a while now – actually, she wanted me to make a post about how crazy we get together. While we were joking about it yesterday, this post started writing itself in my mind. Friendship is one of those topics that can have a millions words written about it and still be incomplete. It’s an incredibly personal thing and we all experience it just a little bit differently.theimperfectmuslimah-friendship-part-11.png

Friendship, for me, is security. It’s knowing that there’s someone out there who has your back, who you can call in a crisis. Friends are some of those people who see you at your worst and remind you of all the great things about you anyway.
I used to be incredibly shy when I was younger. Add typical childhood insecurities to that and you end up with a little girl who didn’t have many friends. As I grew, it became easier to make friends despite the shyness. In the past 5 years, I slowly stopped being shy. As a result, I made connections faster and easier.

It is because of that that I’ve realized the difference between a connection and a true friendship. We have many acquaintances, quite a few connections with people and few friends. The main difference between these three categories is trust. I see the people I can trust fully as my friends. They’re the ones that I feel comfortable around, the ones that I share the deepest and most personal parts of myself with. They haven’t always been the people I spend my days with but, they’re the people who’ve welcomed me back whenever we do get the chance to make contact with one another.
To all my friends: I love you greatly and I dearly hope you’re having a fantastic day.

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